Welcome to Our Team

CubeTic and gamescubed.com is a small independent video game developer consisting of 2 students and 1 alumna from Cal State Fullerton in California. We developed this product out of our passion for Socially Networked puzzle games, we hope you have as much fun playing the game as we had developing it. Please contact us using the link above or leave comments on our blog. Thank you!


Blake Wallace

is a recently graduated Marketing Major from Cal State Fullerton. He is cutting his teeth with the high tech, cutting edge, Wild, wild west world of Video game Marketing. He will probably in touch with each and every one of you in the near future.

Scott Smith

is the project manager, chief mukky muk and C.S.U.F. alumna. He came up with the idea, wrote the initial engine for it and proved the concept. He’s been doing a steady job of pulling his hair out ever since.

Joshua Edmunds

is a recently graduated Computer Science major from Cal State Fullerton. His talented technical expertise has brought this game to where it is today, on your cell phone. He has combined a plethora (did you say plethora?) of libraries, processes, products, API’s, etc. to keep this package glued together, hardly any duck tape.